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Low Pressure Fitness Introductory Offer

3 weeks of LPF for $60

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What is Low Pressure Fitness?

LPF is a unique system of postural and respiratory re-education that combines the basics of hypopressive technique with myofascial stretching and neurodynamics. It allow for correct activation of core muscles without increasing intra-abdominal pressure, hence called Low Pressure Fitness.


Some of the benefits of LPF include:

✅Stronger deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

✅Improved posture​ㅤ

✅Prevents all types of herniation ​​​ㅤ

✅Regulates and/or improves respiratory parameters

✅Prevents and/or reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence

✅Improves venous return

✅Enhances quality of life and wellbeing

Flatter tummy without having to do crunches!!!

Reflexions Pilates Studio

Tel: 0403207731

Address: 4/6 Fifth St, Bicton WA 6154

Web: www.reflexionspilates.com.au

Conveniently located behind the Melville Plaza. Lots of parking available at the shopping centre car park and some right in front of the building


Do you wish you could improve your core and have a flatter tummy without doing crunches?


  • Is the lack of mobility and flexibility in muscles and joints causing you pain and discomfort, and even affecting your mood, and stress level?

  • Do you want to get stronger and fitter, improve your body confidence and move more freely to do the things you love and even your day-to-day activities.

  • Are you trying to find a way to improve your pelvic floor fuction, and perhaps even suffer from incontinence?

  • Do you want to improve your posture and balance, decreasing the risks of injuries and feel more confident?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then register for our Special Introductory Offer and get 3 weeks of Low Pressure Fitness for $60 and experience our gentle and efficient LPF sessions and you’ll see what a difference proper technique will have on your body! 

Save up to $210 in 3 weeks of Low Pressure Fitness!

Hey there!

I'm Erica Takebayashi

Founder and main Pilates and Low Pressure Fitness instructor at Reflexions Pilates Studio.

For a few years, I tried all different kinds of exercising methods. But I couldn’t stick to anything for longer than 6 months. I’d hop from Yoga to Body Pump, then Bootcamp and even Martial arts. I always felt like something was missing and I was never sure whether I was doing the exercises correctly. Being hypermobile, none of the exercise methods I tried gave me the core strength I was seeking.

Until I discovered Low Pressure Fitness and Pilates! Then everything made sense!!!

And now I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to improve their posture, strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles and gain more flexibility.

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Get the attention you deserve


Our sessions are kept to a maximum of 8 people as Low Pressure Fitness is a very precise method that only works with correct technique.

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Do you often feel stiff, sore or out of sorts? The path to feeling better is often as simple as optimising the way we move our bodies.

Low Pressure Fitness offers all types of people a unique opportunity to improve posture and flexibility while learning to move our bodies more efficiently.

If you are managing chronic pain, recovering from a specific injury or simply feel tight after hours spent in front of a computer screen, it can work wonders.

Here’s the issue:

Sessions are often held in a one-size-fits-all type of environment to accommodate multiple students at the same time. This means the techniques used will not be tailored to your specific needs, and though the results of this will still be good… we prefer to aim for excellence.

Our Pilates sessions are private or semi-private, ensuring you get specialised, personal advice and guidance so you can overcome your pain even quicker and train in a really safe environment.

In our Semi-Private Sessions, there will never be more than you, three fellow students and a qualified, friendly instructor who is going to make sure you're pushed to your limit but within your capabilities.

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@ Reflexions Pilates Studio

3 Weeks of

Low Pressure Fitness Sessions for $60 Only!

Customised workout plans

Due to our model of small group sessions, you will be able to receive a more customised workout plan that fits specifically within your needs and desires.




With traditional Pilates equipment such as the Reformer and Cadillac,
as well as weights, rubber bands and more, we have something perfect
for your specific needs. 


to sound


Working in a small group means you get personal guidance from our
team of experienced Pilates instructors.

When you join our ReFLEXions Pilates,

you aren’t just joining an exercise studio…

you’re joining a friendly community invested in your success. 

What our clients say...

andrea close up small.jpg

The small class size is great and allows the instructor to provide exercises to suit individual needs and ability.
Erica and her team have an extensive repertoire of exercises and there is a good range of equipment so sessions are never the same.
Erica is very caring and knowledgeable. Best of all she encourages me to step out of my comfort zone.
My leaner body, improved balance and increased core strength thank her.

Andrea Thygesen

Natsu profile small.jpg

It’s great to do Pilates in a small group. And the instructors are always so good, knowledgeable and friendly.
The Reformer really make the exercise target the right place.
My body feels like it received a best massage after a session of Pilates!
It’s really good!!!

Natsu Nukumizu

Cheryl profile small.jpg

About eighteen months ago I discovered a fantastic, boutique Pilates and massage studio almost on my doorstep. 
Over the years I have tried just about every exercise programme and this is the only one I have been able to maintain for more than six months or so. 
There are a few reasons for this, first and foremost the staff at ReFLEXions are all extremely professional, supportive, friendly and encouraging. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending this great studio to anyone who is keen to improve their strength, balance and flexibility.

Cheryl Verhagen

Our Gallery

Some of the best moments from our workouts...

pilates cadillac
Pilates reformer
aerial pilates
pilates for lower back
pilates studio friendly

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Save up to $210

✔ Experience our completely personalised sessions

✔ Our instructors will make sure you're technique is correct

✔ Experience our premium-quality equipment

✔ Conveniently located behind the Melville Plaza

You'll get 3 weeks of Low Pressure Fitness for only $60!!!

With this introductory offer you save up to $210 on our regular prices, and it's a great way to test the waters of our boutique Pilates Studio before diving in.

Ready to get started?

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We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

About Us

Meet your new home away from home, ReFLEXions - a boutique Pilates and Massage studio located on Fifth Street in Bicton, just behind the Melville Plaza, with lots of parking available at the shoppiong centre across the road. We have a number of premium quality machines and props that we utilize to enhance your experience. 

Our team is focused on improving the individual wellbeing of our members with unique services that are based around personalisation and individuality. We work hard each and every day to provide our clients with exceptional services that leave them feeling satisfied and excited to return for more.  

Our Pilates instructors have a minimum of a Diploma of Pilates, and you can be assured you will always be met by someone with a smile on their face who is ready to get started.

Contact Us

Reflexions Pilates Studio

Tel: 0403207731

Address: 4/6 Fifth St, Bicton WA 6154

Web: www.reflexionspilates.com.au

Conveniently located behind the Melville Plaza. Lots of parking available at the shopping centre car park and some right in front of the building

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