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Founder and main Pilates and Low Pressure Fitness instructor at Reflexions Pilates Studio.

For a few years, I tried all different kinds of exercising methods. But I couldn’t stick to anything for longer than 6 months. I’d hop from Yoga to Body Pump, then Bootcamp and even Martial arts. I always felt like something was missing and I was never sure whether I was doing the exercises correctly. Being hypermobile, none of the exercise methods I tried gave me the core strength I was seeking.

Until I discovered Pilates and Low Pressure Fitness! Then everything made sense!!!

And now I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to improve their posture, strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles and gain more flexibility.

Meet the team

Ana Carina Salazar

Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist

Ana holds a Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Metodist University IPA - Porto Alegre,Brazil, and has completed a post-graduation course in functional and aesthetic skin rehabilitation.
She's¬†completed her Pilates qualification through¬†Polestar¬ģ.¬†
Ana is very motivated and has studied therapies that provide well being and a healthy life style such as hot stones; trigger point therapy and manual lymphatic drainage.  She loves sharing her experience and helping people live comfortably with their bodies and spirits.

Juliana Godim

Pilates and LPF Instructor

Juliana holds a Bachelor in Physiotherapy from her home country Brazil. She started her Pilates journey over 10 years ago, and loves keeping herself updated on new modalities and techniques to improve her teaching. She has a passion for Pilates on circus equipment, and Acroyoga. Her physiotherapy background enables her to apply her Pilates teaching to help her client recover from injuries. 

Juliana is currently doing her Cert IV in Fitness. She is also Low Pressure Fitness International Certified, experienced with abdominal and pelvic floor recovery. Her passion is in helping women achieve the best version of themselves.

Julie Gaglia

Massage Therapist

Julie is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and studied at The Australian Institute of Fitness. She is working from our studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Her passion for massage comes from her extensive background in athletics as a teen. She has learnt a lot from enduring her own injuries and becoming in tune with her body after experiencing many types of treatments for rehabilitation.
 Julie uses various techniques of massage in her treatments which include Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy, cupping and hot stones. Her goal is to lower stress, increase wellbeing, correct posture and improve bodily range of movement.

Carmen Chung

Massage Therapist

Carmen is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist graduated from the Southern Cross Education Institute in 2017. She uses various techniques on clients, such as Swedish relaxation massage, tui-na and trigger point release. Carmen believes you deserve to be listened and care about your needs.

Why train with us?

+ BECAUSE you're commited to your health and need people who are equally commited to helping you achieve your goals. We take a lot of pride in our customer service and we love getting to know our clients on a deeper level

+ BECAUSE you don't like being just another number in a class. We will offer you individual guidance and lots of supervision to ensure you're doing the exercises correctly and safely

+ BECAUSE you want to feel part of a nurturing community of like minded health conscious people. Our sessions are small in number so you'll get to know our instructors and fellow participants very well. We always have a good laugh during our sessions! And some deep-and-meaningful too sometimes...

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Our Success Stories

When you join our Reflexions Pilates Studio, you aren’t just joining an exercise studio…

You’re joining a friendly community invested in your success. 

Which of these results would you like?

Taise Raumati

"You know when you sneeze and you can feel pee leaving? Now, I have control of that, like I don't worry anymore to be in public and have a sneeze... 

And then I felt my belly got smaller as well."

Steve Bathgate

"My flexibility has increased, I get very little lower back pain now!"

Janet Halford

"The nerve pain I was getting in my hips is completely gone! I was putting up with it for years and wasn't get much sleep with it... 

And I can only thank Pilates and Low Pressure Fitness for that!!"

Maria Lindsay

"I suffered an infection in my lower back 2 years ago and in order to help this condition, I knew I had to strengthen my core, my hamstrings and my glutes.  Pilates with Erica, has made me stronger in all these areas.  Having run for the first time in a long time, I truly noticed a 'different feeling' in how my body felt now as opposed to how it felt before.  I noticed my legs are stronger and my middle section 'held as one'.  This stronger feeling is exactly the outcome I was hoping to achieve with pilates and I look forward to getting even stronger!"